Coco Peppermint Lip Gloss

MishMash Globe | Coco Butter Lip Gloss

I can’t believe how easy it is to make your own lip gloss. It’s feels great to know what is in the products you use, and you can make it whatever flavour you want. Plus it’s a great gift, where can you go wrong. Give it a try.

5g beeswax (if putting them in tubes use 10g)
12g olive oil / coconut oil
10g cocoa butter
2g shea butter
10g jojoba / sweet almond oil
9g argan oil
1g vitamin E oil
1 tsp honey
40 drops peppermint essential oil

Add the beeswax, butters and oils into a glass bottle. Pour water into a pot, place the glass bottle into the pot and slowly heat the contents until everything is melted.

Remove the bottle from the heat and add the vitamin E oil, honey and peppermint essential oil. Swirl the bottle until the honey is melted.

Pour into container or tube of choice. If you can’t pour fast enough, just remelt and pour.


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