Thai Green Curry

I admit that I have tried cooking green curry from canned paste a few times, and for some reason it never tastes very good… maybe I didn’t get the proportions right. But I recently went to a vegetarian restaurant and the green curry was so good, it renewed my love of green curry. I found…

Microwave Brittle

After spending the weekend making candy for gift baskets. We decided to try out a recipe to make brittle….


Many people have asked me what kombucha is after I’ve served it to them. Before making kombucha, I bought a bottle from the store after reading all these articles about how good it is for your gut health. I admit that I did not like the taste at all. And on top of that it…

Chocolate Banana Cake

Since I took the cake decorating class at SAIT many years ago, I haven’t had any temptation to start decorating cakes. The biggest barrier being the icing! Not baking the cake or decorating it, but making the icing… what a pain! To get the consistency just right is so hard, and for some reason I always…

Basic Box Cake Recipe

Shhhhhh I’ll let you in on my secret… When I’m rushed, my go to cake recipe is a box cake.