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One of the ultimate comfort foods. I just got a new rice cooker with a sweet rice function and this my first test. I can’t believe how easy it was to make. Definitely will be making this a lot.

2 cups glutinous rice, rinsed and soaked
1 cup shiitake mushrooms, soaked and sliced
1 Tbsp oil
1 cup veggie meat or chicken
3/4 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 tbsp minced ginger (optional)

1 Tbsp sesame oil
2 Tbsp oyster sauce
1 Tbsp light soya sauce
1 tsp dark soy sauce
1 tsp mirin
1 tsp sugar or to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

Water (or chicken stock), according to your rice cooker measurements

  1. Rinse glutinous rice and dried mushrooms and soak at lest 4-5 hours, preferably overnight.
  2. Chop mushrooms and meat.
  3. Heat the oil and fry garlic until fragrant. Add chopped mushrooms, meat, ginger (if using) and seasoning ingredients. Add glutinous rice and mix well.
  4. Add all the ingredients into the rice cooker. Pour in enough water according to your rice cooker measurements and stir until the seasoning is evenly mixed.
  5. Turn on the rice cooker on the sweet rice setting.

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